Dine in the Dark

Feast your imagination, not your eyes!

During the second week in November 2019, restaurants across Ireland challenge their guests to dine in the dark to raise awareness and vital funds for life changing sight loss services in Ireland.

This immersive experience allows people to challenge their thinking around sight loss and the people affected by it. In NCBI we know that just because someone can’t see shouldn’t mean they don’t have a vision for their future. We are in the business of changing lives and are looking for great restaurants and people to support us in achieving this.

Tickets for our ‘Dine in The Dark’ event are now on sale.

This event is on 7.30pm on Sunday 17th of November.

You will receive 6 taster tapas and a dessert. The menu has to remain secret for you to get the most out of the night!

If you would like to purchase a ticket with your credit card please contact Keith on 045 879978 or alternatively call into the bar.

Tickets cost 35 euro per person with 10 euro of your ticket going to NCBI.