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14th October 2021

Las Radas Party Rooms

At Las Radas Wine & Tapas Bar, we have different Group or party rooms...
8th April 2021

Tapas Box in motion

Watch our video clip to see how easy it is to recreate our Tapas...



A selection of the special events that are coming soon to Las Radas!

6th February 2023

Dine in the Dark

6th February 2023

Christmas Eve Tapas Lunch

6th February 2023

Sunday Tapas Lunch



A selection of the special events that have taken place in Las Radas!

9th February 2018 - 18th February 2018

St. Valentine’s Tapas

Join us for St. Valentine's Tapas

12th February 2019 - 17th February 2019

St. Valentine’s Day…

1st April 2018 - 1st April 2018

Easter Sunday Lunch from 1pm

9th September 2017 - 9th September 2017

Naas Wild Food Trail 2017

Wild Food Trail in association with Naas Wild Food Festival and Tidy Towns

24th August 2017 - 24th August 2017

August Wine and Tapas Tasting

Welcome to our Wine Club this month on Thursday 24th August at 8pm!

9th May 2013 - 9th May 2013

Derry Clarke at Las Rada!

Michelin Chef Derry Clarke will be devising a Tapas Special Menu for our restaurant on this night!

13th November 2016 - 13th November 2016

‘Dine in The Dark’ with NCBI

Join us in association with 'The National Council for the Blind' for a night of 'Dine in the Dark'.