We have done all the prep & 90% of the cooking. Just follow the instructions in your box & serve your Tapas Dinner when ever you want!

Please note that this is a pre-order product. You can pre order our Tapas Box up to 3pm on the day of collection, as we do require time to prepare it for you. Our Tapas Box is currently available for collection Friday, Saturday & Sunday.




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We have done all the prep & 90% of the cooking.

Please follow the cooking instructions below. We have a playlist that you can listen to while you get ready & dine.

Most of our main course options only take 8 mins to cook. Then you can sit back & relax.



  •  PARMA ROLLS—pre heat the grill on high. Place foil container in grill, grill for 3 mins or until oozy. While
    container is in grill, toast your bread. When cooked place Parma rolls onto your bread
  • BRUSCHETTA—toast bread, spread tomato mix evenly over your toast.
  •  CRAB & PRAWN—toast bread & spread on top or on the side.
  •  HUMMUS—place on dish & enjoy with tortilla
  • PATE—toast bread & spread pate on top or ton the side
  •  PIHCHO—Toast bread. Place foil container in grill for 4-5 mins. Place pugging & goats cheese on bread, top with
    red onion marmalade
  •  GOATS CHEESE—grill for 3-5 mins , add salad after


  •  BBQ PORK—pre heat oven to 200c. Place foil container in oven for 8 mins.
  • QUESADILLA—preheat oven to 200c. Place in oven on baking tray. Leave the brown paper underneath. Cook for 4
    mins on one side , then turn and cook for another 4 mins or until brown. Remove & cut in half, serve with chilli jam &
    sour cream.
  • CHICKEN MEATBALLS—place in saucepan , low heat until sauce is bubbling, toast bread
  • BEEF CHEEKS—Place bag in bowl. Cut the bag open and be careful to keep juice in the bag at this point. Heat in microwave
    for 2 mins. Empty bag into the bowl & serve with beetroot & béarnaise sauce
  •  CHILLI BEEF NACHOS—pre heat oven to 200 c. Place foil container in oven & cook for 8 mins or until cheese bubbles.
    Serve with nacho chips.
  • GARLIC PRAWNS—heat frying pan over a high heat. Pan fry for 3 mins. Toast bread while you wait. Place in bowl.
  • CAULIFLOWER STEAK—preheat oven to 200 c. Place foil container in oven & bake for 8 mins. Pour cashew butter
    on top when ready to serve.


  •  VEGGIE PAELLA– heat in saucepan over medium heat. Add a table spoon of water. Stir gently & cook for 3—4 mins.
  • BABY PATATAS BRAVAS—preheat oven to 200c. Place foil tray in oven for 8 mins.
  • EPIC ROASTED VEG—Place foil container under the grill for 5—6 mins.


  • CHOCOLATE FONDANT—place on plate & heat in microwave for 29 seconds.
  •  ROULADE—put on plate & pour Raspberry coulis over it.
  • CHEESCAKE — ready to eat!